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More Database Diagram Features than Expected

Stack ModelRight up against the other leading data modeling tools and you'll be amazed at the tremendous value, robust functionality and ease of use it contains.

ModelRight provides an innovative interface consisting of windows, explorers, and toolbars that work together to provide an easy-to-use database design environment. Fast, Simple & Robust. Clean interface with no clutter.

Here are just a few of the features that ModelRight provides:

  • Detailed Reverse Engineer of your existing database to visualize and document it.

  • Generate the DDL for your entire database with the click of a button

  • Compare your ModelRight model with your database. Push changes to the database with automatically generated ALTER statements. Import changes from the database to keep your model up to date.

  • Compare Models to keep different versions or use one as a "Library Model" or "Data Dictionary".

  • Document your database with richly formatted notes, definitions, comments, and revision notes.

  • Transparent access to any Model information via XML, ActiveX scripting, or reports.

  • Generate HTML reports containing any Model information and linked images of your Diagrams.

  • Use ModelRight to switch your schema from one database to another.

  • Innovative User-Interface unlike any other data modeling tool in the market. Supports on-Diagram display and editing of any type of object and any property in any order.

  • Break up a large model into subsets and have ModelRight automatically maintain them.

  • Supports large, complex data modeling and data warehousing projects.

  • Web-like hyperlinks provide an easy way to navigate to related objects.

  • Customer-focused, Award-Winning Technical Support.