Table Property Page

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The Table Property Page lets you edit the basic properties of a Table.


Name - change the Name of the selected Table

Owner - specify the Owner of the selected Table.  Click on the link to jump to the selected Owner.

Inherit - specify the Table Template that the selected Table should inherit property values from.  Use the link to jump to the selected Template.

Generate - specify whether the selected Table should be generated to the database or not.

Sync Column Orders - ModelRight tracks a Table's Column's Physical/Generation order and the PK/non-PK order (i.e. the order that is used when you display Columns in PK/non-PK order).  Select this option if you want to keep the two orders in sync.  If you want to allow them to diverge, then don't select this option.  i.e. when you make a change to the PK/non-PK order the Generation order won't change and vice-versa.

Type - specify whether the current Table is a Relational or Object table.  If its an object table then further specify its Type.  For further information, see Oracle's Documentation on OR Tables.