Model Source

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A Model Source stores information about Model to Model compares so that previously matched objects are matched even if their name changes.  A Model Source allows you to see what has changed on either side since the last time they were compared.   It also allows you to update your Model automatically with changes made in the Model Source (see Refresh).

The following page is displayed in the Property Browser when a Model Source object is selected:

Model Source property page

 Model File - the last known location of the Model Source file.   Browse to select a new location.

 Store Smart Compare Info - controls whether or not information about which Model changed objects and properties is maintained.

 Refresh - if the Model Source Model saves its Change History (see Save Model Change History), then this button will be enabled and allow you to update your Model with any changes that have been made to the Model Source Model since the last Sync or Refresh.

 Sync - shortcut button to start a Model to Model Compare using the selected Model Source

 Open - shortcut button to open the Model Source's linked Model.