Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop

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ModelRight supports Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop within Model or between Models.   Also ModelRight supports these operations within or between the Diagram and the Model Explorer. Generally, if you have Ctrl pressed while you move a selection, it is considered a copy gesture.

These operations are used to support the following scenarios:



re-ordering - move an object within its parent object

change the order of the selected object within its parent object.  In the case of Columns, the order that is affected is whatever order is being displayed (Generation or Pk/Non-Pk). If displaying in Pk/non-Pk order, dragging a Column from the non-Pk part of a table to the Pk part will make add the Column to the Pk - an vice versa. For most other objects, the Generation order is affected.  Tables and Views can not be re-ordered since their order is determined dynamically based on their relations.

copy any object that is owned by the Model to the same or another Model

creates a copy of the selected object(s)

copy a simple graphic (rectangles, text, lines, etc...) to a Diagram

creates a copy of the Graphic

copy or move Table/View or MView to the same or different Model

creates new object(s)

move Table/View or MView to a Diagram or Model Subset

adds the object to the Model Subset

copy or move a Column Template to a Table

creates a new Column based on the Column Template

copy or move a Column to a Table

copies or moves the Column to the Table

move a Column to an Index or Key Constraint

adds the Column to the Index or Key Constraint

move a Tablespace to a Table/View

sets the Table's Tablespace property

move a User to to a Table/View

sets the Table's Database Owner property

drag/drop a relation endpoint

changes the Relation's child or parent Table