SQL Server Support

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ModelRight 4.0 supports SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Here is a partial list of the SQL Server objects and properties that are supported in ModelRight 4.0.  ModelRight 4.0 can Reverse Engineer, Forward Engineer (Generate SQL DDL), and Compare these objects and properties with an existing database or other Model.

Tables - SQL Server-specific properties like Filegroups, Text Image Filegroups, Partition Schemes, etc...

Columns - Computed Columns, SQL Server-specific properties like IDENTITY, Not for Replication, Collation, ROWGUIDCOL, FILESTREAM, Collation

Views - SQL Server-specific properties like WITH CHECK, ENCRYPTION, etc...

Indexes - SQL Server-specific properties like Clustered, FILLFACTOR, FILEGROUP, ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS, etc..

Fulltext Indexes and Fulltext Catalogs

Key Constraints

Check Constraints - Table and Column level

Triggers - DDL and DML

Types - Alias, External, and Inline

Defaults - generated as DEFAULTS or inline

Rules - generates as RULES or Check Constraints

Partition Schemes and Partition Functions

Procedures and Functions




Template support for many of the above object types lets you categorize and re-use

Note: To connect to SQL Server either select an ODBC data source from the drop down list, enter the name of a server (or server/database or server,port/database, or machine/server/database), or enter a connection string (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms130822.aspx). If you enter a connection string, then you need to fully specify all the parameters (the server, user, password..)
To create an ODBC data source, bring up the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and then select Data Sources (ODBC).   Click on the Add button and then the SQL Server driver.  Proceed with the rest of the wizard.

Windows Authentication to a remote server is not supported.