Relation Display Options

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The Display Property Page shows the Relation Display Options when you select Relation in the Display Type control.

Display Type - the contents of this tab is based on the type of object that is selected in the Display Type control.  You can switch between editing Table, View, Materialized View, and Relation display options.

Display Relation - lets you toggle the on-diagram display of various text items

Line Style - draw Relation lines either diagonally or orthogonally.  If you change the Diagram's Notation this option is also updated to the default value for the Notation.

Auto Position Endpoints - determines where the default location of the Relation endpoints should be placed.  A value of center will result in the Relations being clustered around the center of a Table's sides.  A value of straighten will result in endpoints being placed in such a manner that a Relation line will be drawn as a straight horizontal or vertical line whenever possible.

Display Verb Phrases - display the Parent to Child and Child to Parent verb phrases either in the center of the Relation line or at the endpoints.  If middle is selected then the Parent to Child Verb Phrase will be displayed above the Child to Parent in the middle of the Relation.  If endpoints is selected, then the Parent to Child Verb Phrase will be displayed at the Relation's parent table endpoint and the Child to Parent Verb Phrase at the relation's child table.

Display Relations - lets you toggle the display of all Relations of a particular type within the Diagram.  You can also toggle the display of a Relation on an individual basis using the Relation Graphics Property Page.

Default Relation Graphics - Some properties of the a Relation are controlled by the Diagram.  Others are controlled by the Relation Graphics objects - as described under Relation Display Options.  This hyperlink is provided so that you can conveniently jump to the default Relation Graphics object - which can be used to set properties that affect the display of all Relations in all Diagrams,